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A Fisherman’s Best Choice: The Lowrance Elite-7 HDI

For avid navigators on worldwide seas, the Lowrance Elite-7 Hybrid Dual Imaging (HDI) Series come up with ideal fish finding solutions. With excellent course plotting options and GPS capabilities, using an Elite-7 is superbly effortless. You get a 7-inch screen, broadband and DSI functions without spending a lot. Other brands would cost two times as more.

humminbird fishfinder

The Lowrance Fishfinder combines two incredible technologies of Broadband Sounder and DownScan Imaging. The Broadband Sounder technology is not only a great navigation tool but it is also the best fish finding tool. It helps you get the most enhanced view below your boat during your search. Its motherboard and processor allows you to view fish, bottom surface, obstacles and details with real-time clarity.

As for the graphical display, it is one of the best that you can get in the market. It offers you amazing, widescreen visibility and viewing detail in any sort of condition. It also has 480 x 800 pixels high screen resolution. You can’t go wrong with a 16-bit color, full VGA SolarMAX Plus TFT.

Its simple to operate the menu system since it offers you quick access to all features by a one-thumb operation. You can also choose approximately three panels in split-screen mode to view chart, sonar and DownScan Imaging at the same time. It also includes a Trackback feature that let’s you effortlessly scroll back through sonar history to review and zoom in for underwater views. You can save a waypoint on chartplotter model to find that position effortlessly again.

The built-in GPS antenna gives extremely accurate readings and saves you all the issues. You also get the choice of upgrading to Navionics Gold in this device. This is because of the fact that the Lowrance Fishfinder works with high-capacity micro SD cards so you can increase its mapping, plotting and exploring features. You can use HotMaps Premium, Fishing Hotspots Pro, Lake Insight and Nautic Insight Pro cartography, which are available at authorized dealers and online stores. You now have the advantage to use the gadget with any digital map of Northern America. The great part is, if you choose to fish outside of America, Lowrance also has SD cards for worldwide navigation. Additionally, the Insight Genesis feature of the device lets you create your own map from real sonar data that you record.

This Lowrance Fishfinder also provides Advanced Signal Processing (ASP). You can now commit more time in boating and fishing, since you no longer need to fiddle manually with dials and controls. It automatically sees fish, structure and bottom particulars more clearly. This offers you optimum performance from the unit.

Speaking of making the most of your trip, it is also relatively easy to install a Lowrance Fishfinder. It provides you a plug-and-play functionality, which saves you lots of time with no trouble whatsoever. It also uses the existing Lowrance or Eagle uniplug wires.

Navigation and fish finding have never been so trouble-free with the Lowrance Elite-7 HDI Series. Getting a Lowrance Fishfinder is indeed a smart investment to add to your fishing gear. With a handy and dependable device such as this, you can never make a mistake in your fishing ventures.

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