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Everything you should Know About Raymarine A65 Chartplotter Fishfinder Combo

Raymarine is one of the best brands in marine technology in the market today. Their products vary from GPS fishfinders, GPS automotive gadgets, and entertainment equipment. They combine a GPS fishfinder with a great navigation system wonderfully, so you’re always good to go in your fishing endeavors.

Among the best Raymarine items presently is the A65 Chartplotter Fishfinder Combo. This Raymarine Fishfinder has unmatched features in terms of speed and options. It arrives with a system pack that contains a display unit, GPS unit, DSM25 black box sounder, Navionics Silver US All-In-One Marine chart card, and a dual-frequency transducer.

Easy Process of Setting up

This Raymarine Fishfinder is designed in a way that the installation process is straightforward and simple enough for any type of user. There is a metal bracket that comes with the system pack to mount the fishfinder on any panel. You can also screw the black box sounder module to your boat. Multi-pin twist-lock connectors can manage all the electrical wires from the black box, power cable, and GPS unit.

Excellent Graphic Display

The screen is exactly the ideal size – measuring at 9.5 inches wide, roughly 7 inches high, and about 3.5 inches deep. The landscape screen gives suitable display since it diagonally measures 6.5 inches. It features a high resolution of 640 by 480 pixels. You’ll be given great detail with sharp edges when seen from 3 feet or less. On the screen, you can select from the usual white background color or blue background palette. There are also a number of additional color palettes available, and you can select which works best for you. Brightness can be restricted from 0 to 100 in 64 steps. This Raymarine Fishfinder is very much suitable for day and nighttime use.

Streamlined Design and Operation

When you start pushing the page key of this Raymarine Fishfinder, you will be directed to two options. You can select between chart or fish finder. You can have your take between full-screen and many different split-screen configurations. On a split-screen, you can see both the chart page and fish finder. To know which selection you are using, a red outline around the window indicates it.

You’ll also see that the A65 is one of the best-designed fishfinders available because it has great operation keys. Functions are made with page-specific soft keys, a rotary entry device, and enter key equipped cursor. Over the five soft keys you’ll find soft key functions shown on the screen. They adjust to reflect the displayed requirements.

On the map page, using soft key features will allow you to choose north-up, course-up, or heading-up orientations.

Other Functions Such as Waypoints, Routes and Black Box Sounder

You can access waypoints with the wpts key and then choose a course of action using the soft key functions. You also have the choice to save a waypoint at the present position or at the cursor position. If you double press the wpts button it creates an instant waypoint at your present location.

Route entry involves saved waypoints, newly made waypoints, or by blending stored or new. You can track paths either way by using the soft keys and selecting reverse route. The gadget lets you use around 50 waypoints in one route. Check it out and you’ll see this function is pretty easy and quick to use.

This Raymarine Fishfinder also comes with a black box sounder to deliver fishfinder data. This is very invaluable with regards to finding the best fishing locations and taking note of them.

In a Nutshell

Without a doubt, you’ll get fantastic value for your money when you use a Raymarine Fishfinder. It can be the next essential gadget with the rest of your fishing equipment. It is one of those necessities that make for one fulfilling day of fishing. At any time you have to have more techniques related to fishfinders or fishfinders with GPS, please visit our web page – raymarine c90w. You can even go to see for some great information on fishfinders.

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